City League


Click on the link below to access City League schedules:

  1. Click on the LOGIN (black box to the right of the white box): Public – Not Logged in.
  2. Choose the login area based on your role (ie: Parent, Coach, etc.)
  3. Enter your email and password that you used to register. If you do not have your password, follow the instructions to obtain one.

1st & 2nd Grade Division Overview, Rules and Field Dimensions

Melrose Soccer has adopted special rules for this division to create a small-sided game that gets all players fully involved in a way that is developmentally appropriate for younger children. Read more about our program and see the U8 Field Dimensions.

Kindergarten Program

Saturday Games take place at Greenwood Park (across from the Stone Zoo). Learn more about the Kindergarten Program.



3rd & 4th Grade Division Coordinator:
Matt Anderson

2nd Grade Division Coordinator:
Jeff Bentley

1st Grade Division Coordinator:
Jon Synnott

Kindergarten Program Coordinator:
Dave McAndrew