The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Mass Youth Soccer requires that all coaches and volunteers complete a CORI form to allow the state to process background checks for all volunteers working with children.

Melrose Youth Soccer takes seriously its commitment to provide a quality developmental youth sports program for the children of Melrose. Part of that commitment is to ensure that we provide a safe environment for all those children in our program. The MYS Board of Directors has developed a comprehensive child protection policy that has been reviewed by Mass Youth Soccer, as well as a national organization that focuses on child protection. I’ve outlined, below, the commitment that you must make to this policy and to the protection of the children in the MYS program.

It is mandatory that every volunteer in MYS (Board Members, Volunteers, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, etc.) complete the steps outlined below prior to stepping out on the field.  Every adult who works with Melrose Youth Soccer must be CORIed — there are NO exceptions.

We are not allowed to share CORI information, so even if you have submitted CORI information for Melrose Recreation, the School System, or any other organization, we need for you to submit through Melrose Youth Soccer.

Child Protection Procedures for Volunteers

1. Go to:  to begin Adult Registration with Mass Youth Soccer. You will need a picture of yourself to upload during registration. Adult registrations will be an annual requirement coinciding with the soccer calendar year (Fall/Spring seasons) even though the CORI approval is good for multiple years. 

2. Please double check when choosing Melrose Youth Soccer for your organization during your Adult Registration.

3. The link to complete your required CORI Submission Request will be sent to you via the “Thank you for registering” email.  The link is 2/3rds down in the content of that “Thank you for registering” email that comes from noreply@sprotsaffinity. com

4. Per MA youth soccer rule, You will be required to meet face to face with the Child Protection Officer to verify your ID. Once your Adult registration is in the system you will be notified of available meeting times.

5. Review your registration information on SportsManager to ensure that you have provided your FULL LEGAL NAME (not Bill for William, etc.) and that your Date Of Birth has been input. Your name should match what was entered on your Adult Registration above.

6. Read the “Child Protection Policy” and “7 Steps to Protecting Our Children” that can be found on the home page of Melrose Youth Soccer ( Acceptance of any coaching or volunteer position implies agreement to abide by these policies. 


Parents and coaches are the first and the most critical line of defense in minimizing the risk of head injury to youth athletes.  By taking this free online course presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and applying what you learn, you will be well positioned to improve the culture of concussion. Your actions can help create a safe environment for young athletes so that they can stay healthy, active, and thrive – both on and off the playing field.  This course is required for all coaches:


Coaches – please log in with your username and password and set up your game schedule with the Manage Games link. Contact your league coordinator for username and password if you don’t have them already.

COACHES EQUIPMENT BAGS: If you are not planning on returning as a coach next season, you are asked to drop off the equipment bag provided to you at the beginning of the season to the age coordinator.

We also have worked to provide MYS coaches with a framework of coaching ideas through our developmental targets and resources. In addition, we plan to provide skill development materials to players through the website to help them better live the credo that “every waking moment is an opportunity to become a better soccer player.” Ole!

Q & A

Q: I am a coach in Melrose, and I have heard that if I take one of the Mass Youth Soccer licensing courses that MYS will pay. Is that true?

A: Absolutely – save your canceled check and submit a copy of your certificate to MYS.

Q: We’ve been having stormy weather lately with lightning and thunder. What should I do as a coach when this happens?

A: Get your team off the field and into safe shelter when lightning is less than 6 miles away (30 seconds from lightning to thunderclap) and don’t take the field again for 30 minutes after the lightning is gone. See Precautions in dealing with Lightning Tips for more details from Mass Youth Soccer.



    Melrose Youth Soccer maintains a Zero Tolerance Policy for fan and coach behavior toward referee and players. See page 28:

  • Middlesex Coaches Handbook


    For more information on Coaching Courses, Coach Code of Conduct and Tournament Listings, please visit:

  • MAYS