• Arrive at the field early to get oriented and find a warm-up area.
    If you are the Home team:

    • Make sure the nets are secured and corner flags are out (enlist parent help if there is work to be done.)
    • Have referee’s pay card (filled out and handy)
    • Have a game ball properly inflated and set aside, ready to give the ref.
  • All games (home or away)
    • Have 2 rosters copied and handy for the ref.
    • Have your player identification cards (except U10) ready and handy for the ref.
    • Make note of the opposing coach’s name before the game.
    • Do your starting line-up and position assignment ahead of time (you should make sure all players have equal opportunity to start)
    • Note who your captains will be and instruct them as to what goal to take, etc. when the coin is tossed.
  • Pre-game routine
    • Teach your team their warm-up routine (suggestions: stretch before you can get on the field – don’t use you limited field time before the game to jog or stretch; have two or three basic pre-game keep away, shooting and dribbling drills that the players know and recognize – don’t use pre-game time to introduce new material; pay special attention to your keepers – assign a parent or assistant to be in charge of warming up the keeper)
    • Prepare the players for check-in by the ref. They should know to: line up on the touch line or 18; have all jewelry, watches, etc. off; equipment & uniform complete with shirts tucked in; be quiet and respectful of the referee.
    • Call your team in at least 5 minutes before game time to allow time to give out the line up, give them encouragement and instruction: and, be organized and ready to take the field when summonsed by the ref.
    • Greet the opposing coach and introduce yourself