Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Melrose Youth Soccer League meets on the fourth Monday of each month at the Melrose Public Library. Your participation and volunteer efforts are encouraged. The Melrose Youth Soccer League is organized according to a set of bylaws adopted at its November 2016 meeting.

Board Member Position
Jim Donohue President
Sandy Nagler Secretary
Ken Truesdale Registrar
Krissy Carter Webmaster
Child Protection Officer
Jane Wiesen Field Coordinator
Michael McCormack Field Manager
Josef Markovic Referee Coordinator
Jeffrey Whelpley Tryouts Coordinator
Bill DeSimone Treasurer
Jason Buggy, Jennifer Mullen Travel Coordinators (Boys)
Jim Donohue, Jaime Mahoney Travel Coordinators (Girls)
Andy Hall 3rd & 4th Grade Division City Coordinator
Jeff Bentley 2nd Grade Division City Coordinator
Jon Synnott 1st Grade Division City Coordinator
Dave McAndrew Kindergarten Program Coordinator
Matt Anderson Director of Player and Coach Development
Lindsey Kotowicz Communications Coordinator
Danielle DeSimone, Robert Lynch-Galvin, Ryan Schmitt General Board Member