The SportsManager website is hosted on servers located in the Andover/Lawrence area and the site is down due to the power outage in those communities and there is high likelihood it will not be up before the games tomorrow.
This will likely cause confusion and logistical problems for coaches, parents and players on both teams as well as for referees who would otherwise look to SportsManager for game time and location information. As a group we will need to be patient and flexible in working through this to get the kids the chance to play.
Please reach out to the parents of the kids on your team to make them aware of this and to confirm the time and location of your game tomorrow.
If you do not have the contact information for your team parents outside of SportsManager, please let us know and we can help provide that information to you on an ad hoc basis.
If you have the contact information for the opposing team coach, please reach out to him or her to confirm the game time and location.
If you don’t already have that information, many/most towns maintain a web page outside of SportsManager which may display that information or would include contact information for members of their town board who you can reach out to for the coach contact information.
Please let us know if you run into difficulty with this and we can help try to track this information down.
The referees also rely on SportsManager for information about game times and locations so there could be instances where referees may be late or even potentially not show up for the games. I don’t expect this will be the case, but if so, please work with the opposing coach to identify parents or assistant coaches who can serve as referees.
For coaches of travel teams, hopefully you have a copy of your team roster from a prior game that you can present to the referee. If that is not the case, please let us know and we can work to get a note from the league you can present to the referee explaining that you are unable to access an approved roster due to the issues with SportsManager.