Travel League

Players and Parents
It is requested that players who register to play travel soccer follow through with that commitment.  Travel soccer games are always scheduled during both April vacation week Saturdays as well as Columbus Day weekend.  The lack of players available to play is not an allowable reason for reschedule and forces us to forfeit games.

There is an impact when players decide not to play after registration closes.  Teams are formed and placed into divisions based on that composition. The outcome of players choosing not to play is that players who continue to play on those teams have a more difficult experience because the team is left short players.

Games will start in early April; coaches will notify registered players with specific dates.

Click on the link below to access schedules:

  1. Click on the LOGIN (black box to the right of the white box) Public – Not Logged in.
  2. Choose the login area based on your role (ie: Parent, Coach, etc.)
  3. Enter your email and password that you used to register. If you do not have your password, follow the instructions to obtain one.


Boys Travel League Coordinators:
Jason Buggy
Jennifer Mullen

Girls Travel League Coordinators:
Jim Donohue
Jaime Mahoney